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Week commencing 19/08/2019
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Order 3 Spitting Feathers 9gs and get a Free Spitting Feathers GIN!! 70cl
Brewery Beer abv Colour Tasting Notes 9G 4.5G
Spitting Feathers Session Beer 3.6 Gold Golden session beer, well balanced and satisfying £70.00 £36.75
Spitting Feathers Thirstquencher 3.9 Pale Refreshing, hoppy, pale bitter £71.88 £37.69
Spitting Feathers Brainstorm 4 Pale This pale craft beer has a zesty, dry flavour and a fresh, hoppy aroma.  WINNER SIBA GOLD 2017  £72.50 £38.00
Spitting Feathers Honey Trap SPECIAL 4.1 Amber Honey beer produced with honey from our farm hives. Dry finish due to honey being 100% fermentable £73.00 £39.50
Spitting Feathers Special Ale 4.2 Chestnut A malty, chestnut brown beer. WINNER SIBA SILVER 2016  £73.75 £39.88
Spitting Feathers Old Wavertonian 4.4 Black Chocolately coffee stout £75.00  -----
Spitting Feathers Rush Hour 4.5 Pale Orange and passionfruit hop flavours £75.63 £40.82
Spitting Feathers Empire IPA  5.2 Gold Traditional IPA SIBA WINNER GOLD 2018 £80.00 £43.00
Spitting Feathers Repetitive Strain Injury  5.6 Gold Hoppy and strong moreish IPA,  £82.50 £44.00
Brentwood Marvelous Maple Mild LAST ONE 3.7 dark Popular with all who try it, this delicate dark brown mild has just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish. £69.00
Navigation Rebel 4.2 Gold Hoppy golden ale mango and pineapple dominates £76.00
Navigation Tropic Pale 4 Pale Packed with tropical fruit hops £74.00
Deeply Vale Citra Storm 4 Pale Pale and Citrusy £74.00
Deeply Vale Ripper  4 Pale New Zealand Pale ale £74.00
Brewery Beer abv Colour Tasting Notes 30L
Spitting Feathers Brainstorm 4 Pale Award winning Craft Lager version of Brainstorm £72.50
Spitting Feathers Repetitive Strain Injury 5.6 Golden Moreish IPA £80.00
Magic rock Cannonball 7.4 Golden Traditional IPA £120.00
Flagship Minerva 5 Pale White IPA. All the body and sweetess of a witbier but loaded with Simcoe and Amarillo hop £85.00
Chapter Shadows or Manuscripts 6.7 Dark amber Rhubarb Saison 6.2%  £110.00
Top Rope Bash at the Beach 3.9 Red Coffee & Blueberry Sour £95.00
Top Rope Four Horsemen: Raspberry 5.8 Black  Chocolate Fruit Stout £105.00
Glen Affric Black Brose 4.2 Black Coffee Oatmeal Porter £90.00
Glen Affric Berried Alive 4.4 Red Mixed berry lager £90.00
Magic rock Dancing Bier 4.5 Pale German Lager £105.00
THORNBRIDGE Big Easy 0.5 lager 12x330ml £15.00
SF Thirst Quencher 3.9 Pale 12x500ml £17.50
SF Brainstorm 4 Pale 8x500ml £12.00
SF Rush Hour 4.5 Pale 12x500ml      Special Offer £13.50  
SF RSI 5.9 IPA 8x500ml £12.00